Cyber Studio Solutions

Accounts Executive

We are looking for a young and energetic individual, good with numbers, has a passion for technology & hungry to learn. As the Accounts Executive, the Management will depend on your efficiency & accuracy in managing the company accounts and expect your regular professional advice on Company’s Cash flow.

During the present curfew and lockdown period we expect you to avail yourself from 8.30am to 5pm and when required, contactable during the weekend and statutory holidays. Our studio team clocks in remotely and operates on a normal work routine, as such, until normalcy returns, we would expect you to be engaged with the team during these times to create customer invoicing, participate in client meetings/office meetings through web or con-calls to document and follow up on action items. You will also need to remotely monitor the timely progress of the studio team & follow up with clients.

As Accounts Assistant you will need to:

  • Maintain the book keeping records;
  • Provide the management reports;
  • Prepare customer billing;
  • Ensure customer billing is accurate and current;
  • Drive the Studio Team for timely project completion as per billing projections;
  • Recommendations & suggestions for strategic and operational improvements /changes;
  • Ensure timelines are met on deliverables;
  • Support the staff and teams in implementing improvements;



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