Cyber Studio Solutions

Assistant Manager – Business Solutions

If you enjoy evaluating and analyzing software, creating digital solutions, communicating with a variety of people and have a good grasp of information technology, this role is for you!

Who we are looking for is a young and energetic individual, tech-savvy & hungry to learn. Someone who demonstrates an excellent understanding of the industry, its trends, innovations & breakthroughs to conceptualize products & services to meet those constant market shifts.

The ideal candidate should be independent & energetic. Someone who will actively engage with our Studio Team who clock in normal work hours through remote access during this curfew and lockdown period. Full time availability from home to contribute to the studio work, participating in client meetings/office meetings through web or con-calls to document and follow up on action items are mandatory requirements.

As the Assistant Manager Business Solutions, you will play a pivotal role in helping the management in achieving our company goals. You will need to scout for potential clients, understand their current needs, identify future needs and create solutions to help meet those needs, in relation to information and software systems. You will also need to master the art of keeping records at strategic meetings, understand key action points and following up with the Studio Team for smooth & seamless delivery.

You will have the freedom to make significant changes and impact within your role, making a substantial difference to the success of a company and the satisfaction of its employees/customers, both of which can be very rewarding.

You will work on deadlines and juggle multiple projects, which gives lots of variety but can be challenging and satisfying at the same time
The role is largely location-based but will require travel to meet different internal and external stakeholders once normalcy resumes.
You will need to demonstrate a high level of professionalism and punctuality is a must

A high performing Business Solutions expert will have options through many career doorways including & not limited to;
Solutions Architect;
Software/Business Systems Analyst;
Enterprise Analyst;
Management Consultant;
Business Development Specialist;
Product Manager;
Requirements Engineer;

As Assistant manager business solutions ,you will need to:

  • Identify and onboard potential customers;
    Consider the opportunities and potential risks and present to management;
    Work with customers/external stakeholders to investigate & understand their service/function/product requirements;
    Communicate with internal colleagues to conceptualize & develop the products/services;
    Recommendations & suggestions for strategic and operational improvements /changes;
    Ensure timelines are met on client deliverables;
    Ensure customer billing is accurate and current;
    Documenting & reviewing of implemented solutions;
    Support the staff and teams in implementing improvements;


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