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When trying to ascertain the right agency for Web development, Web design, Data Analytics , eCommerce or Digital marketing in Colombo,Sri Lanka,It is important to find a partner who will customize their solution, which will allow you to achieve the highest return on your investment.


  • Report on data integrity and validation results
  • Documentation of analytical steps and thought process

Business Intelligence / Reporting

  • Creation of custom report requirements
  • Develop and integration custom reporting

Data Migration Mapping Planning & Documentation

  • Assist in planning and mapping data from one source to another source. Includes analysis of both data sources, map planning, and documentation

Success Factor Dimensions

  • Management, Governance and Adoption
  • Objectives Definition
  • Scoping
  • Analytics Team and Expertise
  • Continuous Improvement Process and Analysis Methodology
  • Technology and Data Integration

Data Analytics

Cyber Studio provides business intelligence and data analysis services. With our partners we specialize in master data (inventory, customer, vendor, etc.) and transactional data. Data can be transitioned for off-site analysis, or for sensitive data, analysis can be done onsite. For large Oracle databases, analysis can be completed online (via VNC) or onsite. Data can be in Excel, Access, or any SQL based database.

 Validate, Identify Issues and Clean-Up

  • Validate accuracy of data given data guidelines. Data “scrubbing” to identify discrepancies, formatting issues, or missing data
  • Discrepancies can be documented or directly cleaned up and formatted for analysis. Dates, times, locations, and other standard fields are all formatted for standardization across all the data
  • A validation pass is performed to validate date and location ranges, in turn identifying problematic records for review

Analytics Assessment documentation

  • Email blast Assessment
  • Solution self Assessment
  • Summary of Key Findings
  • Current Level of Analytics
  • Self-Assessment Response Analysis
  • High Level Insights Overview
  • Response Breakdown by Question


  • Identify and address hidden obstacles
  • Understand the current state of analytics in your solution
  • Avoid common analytics team derailments
  • Helps build support to implement a Digital Measurement Framework
  • Leads to improved governance, including an Analytics Center of Excellence (CoE)
  • Helps more thoughtfully prioritize analytics and optimization initiatives
  • Provides both internal and external qualitative feedback
  • Increases the chance that action will be taken and competitive advantage will be attained


Web Development (PHP,
Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Database Development

Responsive web development

CRM Solutions

Email marketing

Data Analytics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social media marketing

Database Marketing

eCommerce Website Development

Online Video Marketing


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