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Our external partners provides services that support its client to maintain databases across the organization, while ensuring high levels of data availability

Database Development

Cyber studio with its external partners provides services that supports its client to maintain databases across the organisation, while ensuring high levels of data availability. we will in addition evaluate and advise on all technology components, such as software, hardware, and networking capabilities, for database management systems and applications. As part of our role we will be responsible for implementing data dashboards to all levels of the organisation. Responsibilities Design and deploy data table structures, forms, reports, and queries. Conduct research and make recommendations on database products, services, protocols, and standards in support of procurement and development efforts. Applying third party upgrades to existing databases. Coordinate and work with other technical staff to develop relational databases and secondary databases (i.e. Access). Identify inefficiencies in current databases and investigate solutions. Diagnose and resolve database access and performance issues. Plan and coordinate data migrations between systems. Develop, implement, and maintain change control and testing processes for modifications to databases. Development and maintenance of the database stored procedures, views and functions for hosted web applications. Ensure all database systems meet business and performance requirements. Produce ad-hoc queries and develop reports to support business needs. Creation and maintenance of technical documentation. Development and maintenance of Data Warehouse. Implementation of data dashboards to display data in differing formats.


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