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When trying to ascertain the right agency for Web development, Web design, eCommerce or Digital marketing in Colombo,Sri Lanka,It is important to find a partner who will customize their solution, which will allow you to achieve the highest return on your investment.


eCommerce Website Development

eCommerce is not the nearly same as web design. You might know of some great graphic designers, web designers, even web developers, but if your company is planning to venture into the eCommerce space, you’re going to need to work with a developmet studio that has an indepth understanding of the online eCommerce space. Finding a company with excellent creative talent, innovative developers, and friendly support and experience account servicing team is incredibly rare. This is where cyber studio excels.

What defines eCommerce? eCommerce constitutes the buying and/or selling of services over the internet. This can be either content based, membership based, or even encompass the spectrum of downloadable items. Most of the time, however – eCommerce is tied to the purchase of tangible, material goods via an online interface. Cyber studio has experience not only architecting such systems, but designing an attractive and engaging user interface – and seeing it through.

development to launch. Our experts will guide you through the best way to keep your costs down through your day to day operations, teach you the ins and outs of shipping, handling, taxation, and much more. We’ll even share insight above and beyond what we’ve agreed to do – like ways to engage your consumer post sale, how to increase your average ticket size, and so much more.

Working with cyber studio, you’re privy to decades of online experience to the equation – which makes all the difference. It is our experts who drives our client base to increased profitability and success. Since cyber studio understands day to day operational oversight, we architect all of our solutions, just the way we would want it ourselves. While you may not utilize our order fulfillment or call center services off the bat, you may in the future. We’ll work tirelessly to create the best result at an incredibly price point. Visit our portfolio to view some eCommerce sites we’ve created for clients.

Our eCommerce services include:

  • Consulting
  • Design & Development
  • Custom Programming
  • Support
  • Hosting

The team doesn’t just stop at creating your online reality. You’ll find that the cyber studio experience permeates through our friendly and knowledgeable loal staff. Your team is likely to grow incredibly fond of our small team get to know them on a first name basis. When you need assistance right away, simply pick up the phone or send an email and let our team resolve your issue in a timely fashion – or better yet, train you how to address the issue yourself in the future. With cyber studio, you don’t just get what you pay for – we call it “service plus” where you receive what you’re requesting plus an extra shot of insight to run your online business smoother and in a more empowered manner than ever before.

Being online necessitates reliable and high quality hosting. With colocated servers at Rackspace, a world renowned hosting provider, you’ll know that your data is not only secure, but that you have incredibly reliable uptime. Our servers are firewalled and PCI compliant. We not only run independent server checking software systems outside our server, but the hardware and servers are maintained and continually updated for the latest in virus and spam protection.

Working with Cyber Studio is like hiring a full team of people unified with a passion to make your business a success. You won’t find a group of talented indiduals as dedicated – anywhere else, at any price.

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